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 IrriExpress Main Screen


IrriExpress Irrigation Software


Main Screen

The main screen is divided into the following panels.

IrriExpress Irrigation SoftwareTop Ribbon
The top ribbon is the main menu and contains most of the clickable function. Notice the tabs on the ribbon, each tab holds buttons or check boxes.
On the general tab are the 2 cursor mode buttons. Switch between the arrow and cross when you need to move an object.
The redo and undo buttons are also located here.

IrriExpress Irrigation SoftwareProject Treelist
The project treelist is used to manage the display of the various entities. It also indicates the number of each entity in the project.

IrriExpress Irrigation SoftwareObject Inspector
The object inspector is functional when any item or items is selected. The attributes of the selected items are displayed and allows you to change them.
Some of the entities, when selected, makes the Function button available at the bottom. Use the functions to apply certain actions on the selected entity.
The Zoom button is always available and will zoom the workspace to the area of all the selected elements. You may also press Z on the keyboard to zoom to what ever is selected.

IrriExpress Irrigation SoftwareBottom Tabs
At the bottom of the screen are 4 tabs.
All the design work is done in the workspace area.
The maps tab is used to display Google maps allowing you to focus on a certain area or address and to capture that image then back to the workspace.
The reports tab gives access to project reports, ie. the bill of materials.
The Paper view tab is used when a drawing of the design is to be outputted to a printer or pdf.


IrriExpress Irrigation SoftwareRight Hand Panel
The panel managing the mainline and blocks is at the top right. All the blocks and their irrigation elements are shown.


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