IrriExpress Area - Help Tutorial

IrriExpress Help Tutorial

IrriExpress Areas

IrriExpress Irrigation Software


Areas can be either created as a rectangle or an irregular shape.

Elevations and Areas
IrriExpress Irrigation SoftwareCreate an area on your workspace and Place Grid Points

IrriExpress Irrigation Software

Use the DTM menu to Create Triangles and Get Elevations.

Divide into Blocks
IrriExpress Irrigation SoftwareAreas can be divided into numerous equal blocks to help you design your irrigation system quickly.


IrriExpress Irrigation Software

Click on Divide into Blocks and choose your preferences in the menu that comes up.

Pivots and Areas
Pivots can be created within an area as a Partial, Full or Largest Full pivot. See Pivots for more details.

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