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IrriExpress Irrigation Software

IrriExpress Irrigation SoftwarePipe:
The irrigation system consists of nodes and pipes. Use this option to add individual pipes to either the mainline or the selected irrigation block.

Pipes can either be added between existing nodes or by using the CTRL key, nodes can be generated as the pipe is being added.

IrriExpress Irrigation SoftwareNode:
Nodes in the irrigation system are points to facilitate the pipe connections, to specify the mainline pump or block valve or to place emitters, regulators or booster pumps.

Nodes can be added individually or generated when new pipes area added.

IrriExpress Irrigation SoftwareBlock:
The base elements in the irrigation system are the mainline and individual blocks. The mainline is automatically defined but irrigation blocks which have their own control valve must be defined by the user. Once a block is defined, the layout of a solid set or driplines can be done.

Available on IrriExpress Blocks and IrriExpress Full.

IrriExpress Irrigation SoftwarePivot:
Pivots are entities on their own with their water supplied by the mainline.
When a pivot is added and the spans and starting pressure specified, the program calculates the flow needed by the pivot and when pipes are added between the pump and pivot, the mainline hydraulics will be calculated.

Available on IrriExpress Pivots and IrriExpress Full.

IrriExpress Irrigation SoftwareLaterals moves can be created by IrriExpress from the Irrigation menu. Laterals' length and width are decided when creating the object on your workspace.

Available on IrriExpress Pivots and IrriExpress Full.


IrriExpress Irrigation SoftwareQuickly cut a series of pipes and place emitters at each intersection.


IrriExpress Irrigation SoftwareRun:
Run Hydraulics on your project to determine the pump pressure of the mainline and the valve pressures of the blocks. Here you will also optimize pipe sizes and view the hydraulic detail of your irrigation system.

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