IrriExpress Adding a Pipe - Help Tutorial

Add a Pipe


To add a pipe to your project, first add a node.

Project with nodes already established:

After the nodes have been added, click on Pipe on the Irrigation menu.

IrriExpress Irrigation Software

Select Group Code and Group Name, types of pipes will update. Select the type of pipe you need and hit OK.

Notice in the bottom left the Application type.
When working in the mainline, the setting will be fixed to 'mainline'

When adding pipes in a block it is important to select whether the pipe acts as the manifold or lateral.
Manifolds and laterals are handled separately when their pipes are resized for optimum flow and pressures.

IrriExpress Irrigation Software

IrriExpress Irrigation Software

When adding pipes, the boxes at the top of the screen indicates if you are snapping to existing nodes or if new nodes will be created at the indicated endpoint of the pipe.

IrriExpress Irrigation Software

Click on New Node to add a new node for the pipe to connect to. Then select the type of node you want to add to your project.

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