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IrriExpress Help Tutorial

Add a Node

Click on Node from the Irrigation menu to add a new node. Select the type of Node you want to add (Pump, Valves, Emitters, etc). Each Series has multiple Models, choose the one needed and click OK.

IrriExpress Irrigation Software

After placing the node on your workspace, hit ESC to return to the Node menu.

Click Cancel to close the node menu.

IrriExpress Irrigation Software


Types of Nodes

Pumps: is a device that moves fluids by mechanical action. This is also the source node of the mainline.


 Valves: allow water to exit the system. In the mainline, valves are used to manage the flow to blocks and pivots.

The irrigation blocks will each have a valve that acts as source node. The block valve is also the connection between the inlet to the block and the mainline.

Emitters: can either be sprinklers in a solid set block or drippers in a dripline block. It is used to transfer water from a pipe or tube to the area that is to be irrigated. Typical emitter flow rates are from 0.16 to 4.0 U.S. gallons per hour (0.6 to 16 L/h). In many emitters, flow will vary with pressure, while some emitters are pressure compensating.

Fittings: a device that makes a connection between pipes.

Regulators: a device that maintains a designated characteristic, for example when the pressure in the system needs to be reduced to a certain value.

Boosters: a device that increases the water pressure of water that is already moving.

Nodes are defined in the nodes database.

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