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How to Add a Block

Blocks are used to create layouts of emitters or drip lines. Blocks are used to quickly fill a designated area with sprinklers or drip lines. A valve represents the blocks requirements and connects it to the mainline. The pressure and flow in the valve is determined when the hydraulics are run for the selected block.

Block with Solid Set

To create a block, select Block on the Irrigation menu.

IrriExpress Irrigation Software

Draw the points of your block on the workspace. When completed click ESC. You can select either a rectangular block or irregular block and draw the points yourself.

IrriExpress Irrigation Software

Add a Valve to the block by selecting Nodes then Valve from the Irrigation Menu.

The Valve menu will be displayed. Select a valve.

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Place the valve close to your block. If you know where exactly the valve must be, place it there.

The valve can always be moved to a new position at a later stage.

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From the Block menu, specify if the block will be a solid set or drip.


IrriExpress Irrigation Software

The Solid Set is normally used when each sprinkler is represented by an emitter node.

The Drip option is used when the emitters are embedded into the pipe.

This part of the example continues with the Solid Set type.

Select your Emitter type by first choosing the Series, then the Model, Nozzle and finally the design pressure that the block will use to do the hydraulics and size the pipes.

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Select your Lateral

Note that in the bottom left, the application type is fixed as Laterals since the layout will be done with lateral pipes.

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In the Place Layout menu select the Row and Emitter Spacing.

Please note, there is a limit on the number of emitters that Express can accommodate in a block.

IrriExpress Irrigation Software

A ghost image of the defined layout will be shown inside the block.


IrriExpress Irrigation Software

To turn your layout counterclockwise or clockwise in 1 degree intervals press the Page Up or Page Down buttons.

To rotate the layout by 45 degrees, use CTRL page up or down.

Once satisfied with your layout, click on the screen to place the layout.

The laterals must now be connected to the valve and it can manually be done by using the regular add pipe option. To do it automatically, use the block menu and select Place.

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From the menu that comes up, select the type of manifold you want and click OK.

IrriExpress Irrigation Software


Notice the application type is now fixed as manifolds.

The manifold will now be connected to your emitters and valve.

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Hydraulics can be run for your block by going to the Irrigation menu and clicking Run.

IrriExpress Irrigation Software

See Run Hydraulics for more information.

Block with Drip Lines

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