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IrriExpress News - Pivot Creation and Export .DWG Files

.dwg .dwg export center point pivot

Improved Pivot Creation Either place down a generic pivot on your work space, or create a pivot from a center point. After placing a center point pivot, an input screen will come up allowing you to decide the number of spans or average span length.    Export to .DWG FileBelow is a project displayed in IrriExpress. The second image shows the exported .DWG file. To achieve this go to File > Export > DWG file.Exported .DWG File

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IrriExpress News - Import .DWG Files

.dwg .dwg files irrigation software

We have added the ability to import .DWG files, saving you time in designing your irrigation project!  Install VectorDraw To import .DWG files first install VectorDraw by downloading it here. Install both the setup.exe and VectorDraw_MMS.exe. Import .DWG FileClick on File > Import > Drawing (dwg) file. On the next menu Load your file and click OK to import it into your workspace. Place ElevationsOnce imported, you can either select your lines, click Functions at the bottom left of your screen and Add Points to Line.  Below is your file with points placed. Or you could go to Maps, Sync Map with...

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