Updates 2019


1) Check or uncheck the block numbers to activate the display of the detail.
2) When the display is checked, a dialog box will be displayed where selections can be made. Select what text must be shown. You may define the prefix (description) of each detail. Select the font name and color Set if the background must be hatched. Useful to hide the pipes and better show the text. Specify the box width and height for the hatch.
3) Example of what is shown in the block.
4) Use the Block number slider to change the relative size.


Re Order : 
After you have developed many blocks in a design, the blocks may not all be in visual numerical order. Use this function to define the numerical/visual order.
You will start by pointing inside the block that should be number 1 and then continue with all the other numbers by pointing inside the desired block.


Irrigation Legend :
This function will create a legend of cad lines that represent the pipes used in the design. It will also define cad text elements for the pump, valve etc with the symbol representing each node type.


Automatic pipe sizing has been improved and more economical pipes are selected.


User defined bom with selected part numbers.


Use the Combine document option to accumulate the reports into one document. If the Add Reports option is checked, then each time a report is run the result will be added to the contents of the Combines document.


Copy screen. : Will copy the current screen to clipboard at double the screen size resulting in a higher resolution bitmap.


Use the Show and Hide options when developing the design. Hide all the other blocks so only the one you are working in, is displayed. Show all the blocks again when switching to another block.

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