IrriExpress News - Faster and Improved

We have improved the following in IrriExpress    Snapping and Selecting and Highlighting Improved Fixed Anomalies in Pivot Section Report Multiple small issues to improve usability Improved speed of Hydraulics Report Included a High Level Bill of Materials Improvement in Hydraulics Graph Pivot Values not Saving - Fixed Get Type pipe - Fixed

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IrriExpress News - Online IrriCalculator; Database and Future Improvements

Latitude & Longitude Use latitude and longitude coordinates to navigate to the right location in IrriExpress.Analyze Pivots Online!We are prototyping the analytics of IrriExpress to go online! Imagine placing a pivot and analyzing it quickly through an online tool. Let us know what you think about it! IrriCalculator Analyze a block of emitters online with the IrriCalculator. Database Improvements We are in the process of improving and modernizing the database, stay tuned for more!  

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IrriExpress News - Printing and Reports Improved

Printing in IrriExpress Print what is shown on your work space by going to File > Print and clicking on 'Fit to Page Width'.Reports in IrriExpressAdditional Reports are now available in Reports tab. 

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IrriExpress News - Lateral Moves

lateral moves

Lateral Moves Add lateral moves to your irrigation project and run analysis on it. Let us know what you think! Click the logo above to read about past updates.Add lateral from Irrigation ribbon. Drag and determine length and width of lateral.Setup Spans for lateral and decide feed track.Final lateral on work space.

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Pivot inside an Area, Rotate elements, Pipe colors etc.

Added 3 options to place a pivot inside a defined areaMove a pivot around inside an area and see it fill out to its largest area.Easily update Pivot SpansUse the anchor tool to move any endpoints in general. Also us it to change the length of pivot spans easily.You can now change the color of a pipe groupSince Express changes the colors of pipes when they get sized, this method is used to setup the pipe group colors. Easily rotate elementsWhen you are in the move mode and have some elements selected you can rotate them with the page up and...

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