What is IrriExpress?

IrriExpress is an all in one irrigation software package that combines Surveyed Data, CAD and Irrigation calculation functions. Due to its user friendly interface you can create robust irrigation designs in minutes. IrriExpress is a lighter version of our IrriMaker product. Since 1983, our software is used by more than 2000 companies worldwide.

Quick and comprehensive analysis of hydraulics are done with IrriExpress. Pressure at each valve and mainline are shown with the ability to update the pump pressure as necessary.

IrriExpress also has the ability for you to assign shifts in your irrigation design to conserve power and cost. 

The visual graph quickly shows and alerts the designer to any issues with the irrigation system.

Your irrigation project is customized to your location and elevation points from Google Maps are imported seamlessly. 


IrriExpress gives you the ability to analyze the kinks, sprinkler clearance and terrain of the pivots on your design. 

The software can report on problems that will arise based on your inputted upper and lower limits for different types of slopes. 

IrriExpress allows you to create either solid set or drip layouts in your irrigation design, allowing you to calculate the needed pressure, optimal pipe sizes and velocity for each block. 

IrriExpress has multiple important labels to show node pressure, pipe velocity and pipe diameter with the ability to customize any label.

Reports will alert you to where your velocity or node pressures are too high or too low. This error checking gives you confidence in your design.

After the complete design of your project you can create multiple PDF reports quickly to take your design to others. 

Zoom in to different locations and add notes to each page to create a overall view of your irrigation design. 

IrriExpress strives to give you the best answers while saving you time in designing your project. 

Easily view your projects in 3D, show off to your clients and win contracts!


List of IrriExpress Features

Irrigation System Design
Full graphical control over automatic and manual development of micro, drip and sprinkler irrigation networks.
Unrestricted design approach.
Only program available that is directly linked with extensive DTM and CAD functions.
Pipeline hydraulics - Open networks.
Automatic sizing of manifold and lateral pipes.
On-screen and printed calculation results.
User defined node and pipe databases.
Limited: List of materials.
Digital Terrain Modelling (DTM)
Import ASCII co-ordinates, DXF, DWG and GPS data.
Automatic generation of triangular surface model.
Contour generation.
Real time elevation and slope calculations.
Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)
Limited: Unlimited number of drawing elements.
Limited: Extensive number of CAD functions.
Intelligently linked with DTM and irrigation design.
Import and export DWG data.
Bitmap Image support.



 IrriExpress vs. IrriMaker

No. of  Points
Edit triangles
No. of Dtm projects
Work with Google Earth
Google Maps integrated
Other Model Maker modules (eg. Cut&fill) No Option
Survey calculations No Yes
Images (Jpg, Bmp, Tif) Yes Yes
Images (Ecw, MrSid) No Yes
Survey conversions No Yes
Coordinate Datum  WGS only Various
Coordinate System UTM only Utm/Lo
Virtual 3D Yes Yes
Electronic data import No Yes
Shape files Yes Yes
DWG Yes Yes
MIR Yes Yes
CSV Yes Yes
KML/KmZ Yes Yes
Shape File Coming soon Yes
DWG Yes Yes
MIR Coming soon Yes
KML Yes Yes
Lines,Circles,Text, Arrows, Hatch, Dims Yes Yes
Patterns No Yes
No. of CAD Elements 1000 Unlimited
Conversions of Cad to Survey Limited Yes
Solid Set Yes Yes
Drip Yes Yes
Mainline Yes Yes
No. of blocks 100 600
No. of pivots 100 100
Multiple pumps No Yes
Multiple projects No Yes
Analysis of pivot limits & report Yes Yes
BOM Limited; Additional development in process. Yes
Pipe sizing - Laterals & Manifolds Yes Yes
Pipe sizing - Mainline Yes Yes
Flushing Manifolds No Yes
Loops No Yes
Shifts Yes Yes
Big range of reports No Yes
Fixed predefined reports Yes No
PC Yes Yes
Web Future No
South Africa R10,000 R18300
United States of America $1,500 $3,000