Updates and Versions

Read about the latest updates and ensure you have the most up to date version of IrriExpress!
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Version 3.01
Updated Nov 10 2018
  1. Block Numbers
  2. Undo - Improved / Stabilized
  3. Reorder Blocks
  4. Block Legend
  5. Improved Pipe Sizing
  6. BOM - 
  7. Combine Reports
  8. Copy Screen to Clipboard
  9. Blocks - Show All or Hide Others
Updated April 25 2015
1. Inputted ability to import .dwg files in Turkish format
2. Updated images to pipes and nodes icons for easier understanding
3. Show all menus added under Preferences
4. Fixed error when importing an area located in multiple zones

Updated April 20 2015
1. Allowed exact values to be inputted for line length and area length and height
Version 2.5.1
Updated April 9 2015
1. Fixed INI file errors
2. Fixed DWG file errors
3. Errors that occurred when going over the 9000 DTM point limit have been fixed 

Version 2.5
Updated April 7 2015 
1. Changed setup name to IrriExpress_Setup
2. Fixed image deletion errors
3. Auto install DXwebsetup with IrriExpess setup to view 3D
4. Auto populate Span Database with basic spans
Version 2.5
Updated March 31 2015
1. Fixed pivot error

Version 2.0
Updated March 14 2015
1. Updated IrriExpress to work with the recent update to the Google Maps Api
Version 1.5
Updated Dec 5 2014
1. Snapping and Selecting and Highlighting Improved
2. Fixed Anomalies in Pivot Section Report
3. Multiple small issues to improve usability
4. Improved speed of Hydraulics Report
5. Included a High Level Bill of Materials
6. Improvement in Hydraulics Graph
7. Pivot Values not Saving - Fixed
8. Get Type pipe - Fixed
Version 1.0
May 1 2014
1. Elevations fixed so that regional settings do not affect pulling in project elevations
2. Double import of maps and automodel is corrected
3. Fixed valve window re-occurrence after put down
4. Fixed issues caused by system units
5. Units are determined by user at the beginning of the project