IrriExpress - Blocks

IrriExpress - A user friendly, easy to learn program that gives you the ability to design robust irrigation projects with drip and emitter systems. Import your own database, run hydraulics, create reports and see your project on Google maps in 3D! Maintenance is free through 2015 and we are always here to support you.

After 2015, maintenance and upgrades will be 10% of purchase price per year. Once IrriExpress is purchased, a serial number will be sent to you. This unique number will be used when registering and starting IrriExpress for the first time on a device. If you would like to use IrriExpress on a different device, you will need to unregister it from the original device first and re-register on the new device. 

If want to try out IrriExpress free for 14 days, download the demo here.

Click here to read more about the IrriExpress features.

Interested in pivots? Click here for IrriExpress - Pivots. Would you like to design both emitter and drip line systems as well as work with pivots? Buy the Full Version of IrriExpress.

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