IrriMaker - CAD and Irrigation calculation functions
IrriMaker - CAD and Irrigation calculation functions
IrriMaker - CAD and Irrigation calculation functions

IrriMaker - CAD and Irrigation calculation functions

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Today the MODEL MAKER digital terrain modelling (DTM) software package is well known and widely used nationally in South Africa and internationally in the fields of land survey, engineering, mining and construction. Since the beginning of its design in 1980 it has been continuously enhanced to keep it in line with industry demands and the latest computer technology.

During 1994 the addition of computer aided drafting (CAD) functions increased the use of the program. With the addition of an irrigation design module during 1998 it is now the only software package available that provides the user with user-friendly and well supported functions for DTM, CAD and Irrigation design in one package. The system operates independent of other commercial software and provides its own plotting and reporting capabilities.

Model Maker's irrigation design system is made up from the Model Maker DTM software modules 1,2,6 & 17 (see the modules described under Model Maker) and is internationally marketed as Irri-Maker by Model Maker Systems from South Africa and Senninger Irrigations, Inc. from Orlando, Florida in the USA.

Irrigation System Design

  • Full graphical control over automatic and manual development of micro, drip and sprinkler irrigation networks.
  • Unrestricted design approach.
  • Only program available that is directly linked with extensive DTM and CAD functions.
  • Pipeline hydraulics - Open and closed networks.
  • Automatic sizing of manifold and lateral pipes.
  • On-screen and printed calculation results.
  • User defined node and pipe databases.
  • List of materials.

Digital Terrain Modelling (DTM)

  • Reduction of tacheometric survey data.
  • Import ASCII co-ordinates, DXF, DWG and GPS data.
  • Automatic generation of triangular surface model.
  • Full user manipulation of dtm surface.
  • Smooth contour generation.
  • Areas, slopes, intersections, joins, polars, etc.
  • Real time elevation and slope calculations.
  • Multiple simultaneous surfaces.

Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)

  • Unlimited number of drawing elements.
  • Extensive number of CAD functions.
  • Intelligently linked with DTM and irrigation design.
  • User defined line types and symbols.
  • Import and export DXF data.
  • Bitmap support.